The iconic footballer put his reputation on the line for his ambitious Major League Soccer club. After a torrid first season, they have a chance for a do-over starting today.

Gonzalo Higuain in pre-season training. Credit: Inter Miami CF

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression — but thankfully for David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF, today they may be getting just that.

The long-gestating team arrived on the MLS scene last year in a blitz of hype and ambition. But despite boasting one of the most expensive squads in the league, they struggled to find much cohesion on the field. …

537 Votes asks if Democrats have learned the lessons of that stinging loss — and how different the world might have been if not for Elian Gonzalez.

Disputed ballots. Street protests. Intimidation.

Vote chaos sowed by irresponsible rhetoric and dirty tricks, with partisan election officials and the Supreme Court sealing a divisive presidential win against the popular vote.

An electric new documentary premiering tonight reminds us that the nightmare ‘perfect storm’ 2020 election scenario feared by many not only could happen — it already did.

On the 20th anniversary of President George W. Bush’s contentious victory over Al Gore…

Netflix’s latest venture into indie-tinged film-making is a welcome chance to dive into this fascinating genre.


With its gritty trailer and flashy cast — a Spiderman, a Batman, a, erm, Winter Soldier! — you may well be tempted to click on Netflix’s hyped new ‘Southern Gothic’ thriller, The Devil All The Time.

Indeed you will get compelling performances and a palpably tense, sweaty atmosphere. And it does blend many of the genre’s signature elements — religious fanaticism, sinister characters, intergenerational pain, general misery — into a somewhat neat intrigue.

Sadly, it is ultimately too hollow and blood-thirsty to be haunting or gripping. But, on the back of Charlie Kaufman’s wonderful I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, it’s…


After derivative nonsense like The Old Guard and Project Power, finally something to chew on from Netflix.


(Dir: Charlie Kaufman | Time: 2h14mins | Release: Sept 4th | On: Netflix)

As hard as it is to explain a Charlie Kaufman movie, it may be almost harder not to spoil it. Although they are tricky to pin down, his works are best experienced with a fresh mind.

We can safely say that I’m Thinking of Ending Things is whimsical, bleak and surreal, and that it deals with mortality, love and insecurity. If you know his films, you will already know that…

Image: Warner Brothers

Like Palm Springs, An American Pickle has been diverted from the big screen into our streaming laps. But are you better off rewatching Big?


(Dir: Brandon Trost | Time: 1h30mins | On: HBO Max)

Since their heyday in the 1980s, with the likes of Big, Coming to America and, ahem, Crocodile Dundee, fish out of water comedies have become a little harder to come by.

So it was with nostalgia-tinged excitement that I awaited the arrival of An American Pickle, especially given Seth Rogen’s track record for quirky comedies.

Based on a hilarious short story, the film also boasts a…

Tenet Trailer, Warner Bros

It was supposed to be the blockbuster that would bring cinemas back with a bang — and the ringing of tills — as early as this month. But fittingly for a film so complex one of its stars is still trying to get his head around it, the twists keep on coming for Tenet.

After two somewhat optimistic release date adjustments, Christopher Nolan’s latest brainy actioner is now stuck in limbo, perhaps hanging out somewhere with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb and his spinning/toppled Inception totem.

With the pandemic still rampant in parts of the US, Warners has…

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